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Everybody is talking about Bagels and Brew with there full menu and great healthy selections

Just a bagel shop? Think Again!

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Does your Caterer meet up to your Expectations?

A Caterer has several duties and obligations to their customers. Caterers shouldn’t just offer exceptional food at a reasonable price. Yes, this is a very important aspect of catering but not the only one.

The Three Key Essentials to Catering are:

  • Great tasting food at an exceptional value
  • Presentation (Entrée display, set up of tables, chafing dishes….)
  • Great customer service (From ordering to delivery to pick up )

Qualities of a Great Caterer

  • They are familiar with your needs, not just your companies needs
  • They have the essential qualities to make your job easier
  • They handle last minute requests and save the day when you are in a crunch
  • They are consistently on time for deliveries whether it is a preorder or same day order
  • They thank you for your business on a regular basis, letting you know how important you are by offering incentives for ordering
  • They are available after hours in case a last minute order comes across your desk at 7pm
  • They succeed at the highest level by making you look good in front of your peers
  • And lastly, they put a smile on your face knowing that you are in good hands

Bagels & Brew has been a family owned business for 16 years and always will be. Our exceptional attention to detail and our core value creed from the day we opened our doors, has never waivered.

~ Our Core Value ~
"Our Customers Are Everything,
Without Them Nothing Else Matters"

Our customer referrals and word of mouth have been our only advertising since the day we opened.

We treat you as a friend, not a client.

Experience the difference today.

We are standing by to impress you!

Personalized service is just a call away: Catering Hotline 949-533-1575

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